Michigan Wine – A Guide to Ordering Your Favorite Michigan Wines Online

Michigan wine refers to any red or white wine made in the state of Michigan within the United States. As of now, there are 3,000 acres under cultivation and 118 commercial wineries in Michigan, yielding a total of 3.1 million US gallons of wine annually. By another estimation, there are likely more than ten wineries operating in Michigan in 2021. This speaks volumes of the passion, the residents of this state have for wines. As such, Michigan wine is a thriving industry with a number of vineyards of world class quality, waiting for local merchants to offer them wine of the highest standards.

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Michigan wines span every taste imaginable. You can choose from reds, whites, Merlot, pinot noir and Chardonnay, among others. There are also a number of grape varieties used to produce these wines: namely, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, pinot noir, annato, Della vita and vitis vinifera. And the most important thing to know about Michigan wine – every year, new vintages are made – to ensure consumers have constant options in terms of what to drink.

In addition to offering different varieties, Michigan produces some of the best-selling wines according to critics. The most popular one is the wheat grass varietal which is said to be named after a small village called Wheatgrass Village located on Lake Huron in southern Michigan. People from all over the world visit the area to taste this unique varietal that has a very sweet taste. Local grape farmers take part in the harvest process, thus the grapes used are of top quality.

A typical Michigan wine tour will end at the Michigan Craft Wine Center in Port Huron, where visitors can find the largest selection of Michigan vintages. There, Michigan wineries open their doors to the public for tasting the world’s finest vintages. Here you can take home your favorite vintages or simply buy a bottle to take home. Among the many categories are: Chardonnay, syrah, Merlot, pinot noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and some interesting grape varietals like elderberry, stone fruit, blueberry, black currant and cranberry. Each of these categories has a variety of special offerings.

Winemaker Tom Doessner opened his first Michigan vineyard inedly in 1969. He focused on selling only premium, small-harvested varieties grown in rich soil with lots of wildlife and said his philosophy is simple: “We want to grow wine that reflects the land.” Tom was able to achieve this by growing only the choicest, healthiest grapes. He also harvested plants according to the specific weather conditions prevailing in each vintage. His 42 ice wine series is award winning and Tom Doessner has won several national and international awards for it.

The best way to experience Michigan wine in its natural state is to visit the Michigan wine country. It has become a popular destination with tourists. One of the most popular tourist destinations is the Michigan Lakeshore State Park which is located near Traverse City, just east of Traverse City in southeast Michigan. This urban community is just east of Detroit. This city is one of the most industrialized regions in the United States and has one of the largest freshwater lakes in the U.S., Lake Erie. Travelers on a Michigan wine tour enjoy the Michigan Lakeshore, which offers miles of sandy beaches, boating and fishing, boathouses, picnic areas, state parks, historical sites and much more.

An interesting fact about the wine grapes of Michigan is that the state is the home of two major wine makers, Winemiller and Chardonnay. These two companies have been making Michigan wines for over a century. Their amazing vintages are made by very hardy, long living grapes. They are grapes that are able to withstand humidification, lots of rain and exposure to adverse elements including sunlight and other natural elements. They have perfected their techniques and perfected the production of Michigan fine wines.

In addition to Michigan, the United States also has two major wine producing states. California produces the largest volume of wine and also has the most variety. The two states produce an outstanding crop of grape-based wines, including the popular white and red varieties of grape fruits, including roses, black currants, Merlot and saffron.

Michigan is one of the world’s top wine producers and the largest producer of U.S. grown wine grape in the northwest. The state offers a wide range of delicious varieties for you to enjoy. You will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of flavors, the Michigan wine industry has to offer. It offers traditional as well as exciting and unique offerings. From year-round favorites like Michigan sparkling wine, Michigan dessert wine, and Michigan dessert white wine, to the more experimental and hard-to-find wines like Michigan blackberry wine, Michigan lemon wine, and Michigan wild beer, there is a full selection for every taste palette.

As you peruse the selections from the Michigan wine buyer’s guide, you will see that they have a number of excellent tasting varieties. Some of these include crisp, clear choices, like Michigan sweet wine and Michigan dark chocolate. You will also find a number of delicious red options like Michigan Red Wine and Michigan Pinot Noir. One of the great things about shopping for Michigan wine online through Michigan wine suppliers is that you can look through the selections and make your order, all from the comfort of your own home. There is no need to fight the crowds or drive through mounds of traffic just to get to your local winery. Simply sit at your computer in the comfort of your home, order when you’re ready, and wait for the wine to be delivered to your door.