How to Rate a Wine

How to Rate a Wine

The Nature of Critical Wine Club is an annual wine tasting party, which usually takes place in the beautiful natural amphitheater of the Santa Maria…

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Michigan Wines

Michigan Wine Production

Michigan wine refers to any red or white wine produced in the state of Michigan within the United States. As of late 2021, there are 3,150 acres under vine cultivation and 150 commercial wineries in Michigan, producing an estimated 3.5 million US gallons of wine every year. The data also shows that Michigan ranks third…

The Finest Wines In The World

California wine production is among the best in the world. The climate allows for an abundance of grape growth, and the rich soil, sandy soils and rich rainfall make it an ideal location for grape growing. It is one of the most popular wine producing states in the US. Wine production is centered around the…

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